Mar 23, 2012

Lecture | Relation Networks_ Towards 'Design 2.0'

From the dawn of the digital network revolution until today, Architecture has entered a transition process. It seems that gradually, the conditions towards the rise of a new paradigm for design mature; ‘Design 2.0’ will be based on less static, more dynamic methods and rules, in order to connect with the ever-changing needs of the built environment and its users. In an effort to trace the direction of these changes, our ‘vehicle’ is the dynamics of music; music with elements of dialogue, improvisation, action and generative interactions. The theories that are ‘networked’ to support ‘Design 2.0’ come from a wide range of knowledge fields; systems logic, cybernetics, mathematics, biomimetics, artificial intelligence and chemistry. We shift from designing objects, to designing relations between parts within the framework of systems, not necessarily architectural. Through the scope of these approaches, the role of the Architect, the essence of creativity and the relation of Architecture with time is redefined. Quo Vadis?

© 2012, Saratsis Emm. / Tzortzis Ant.

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